Salad Creations and a Unique Tortilla Chip….

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

No, I am not referring to the restaurant Salad Creations, I am discussing my own “salad creations.” Just to clarify:) I have never actually been to a Salad Creations restaurant, but it is probably more expensive than my own homemade salads…As for the taste, I can’t really compare, of course! So here are a couple pictures of some of my “salad creations,” as well as some unique tortilla chips we got from Costco recently–they certainly fit right in with the season!

First, a salad with mixed greens, cooked brown rice, chickpeas, mustard, and nutritional yeast. It was quite delicious, and I highly recommend the combination–especially if you are a mustard lover like I am.


Next, a salad topped with this casserole and lots of mustard. I really need to find a new salad dressing obsession…Any ideas?:)


And now for the tortilla chips!


Not only do these chips contain pumpkin seeds, but they also have actual pumpkin added to them–giving the chips a delicious, subtle, sweet fall-ish flavor that contrasts with the saltiness. I definitely recommend these if you are looking for a change from the usual tortilla chip!

Finally, for a bit of “foodie inspiration,” I made my cocoa-cinnamon green smoothie this morning, but added a few pieces of this fudge (made with one-fourth a teaspoon of mint extract) to the mixture. It was SO delicious; it added extra creaminess as well as a  subtle minty flavor. Adding fudge to my green smoothies is definitely something that will be happening more often now…


What is the most unique chip or cracker you have ever tried?

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  1. Yum the pumpkin chips sound fantastic! I tried making kale chips once but they turned out really gross haha

    • veggiedancer says:

      Yes, I thought they were quite delicious–though my parents didn’t like them at all! And kale chips can be difficult to make; plus, they are definitely an acquired taste:)

  2. The pumkin chips sound like heaven! Your salads are gorgeous, and I definitely am a mustard lover so will try out the mustard/nooch/chickpea combo! As for salad dressing ideas, I love my Goddess Dressing.
    And Follow Your Heart’s Balsamic=perfection!

    • veggiedancer says:

      Thank you; I am glad you thought they looked good–especially since I didn’t think the pictures were great:) And your Goddess Dressing looks SO delicious; I will definitely be putting that on my “food-to-make” list!

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